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    KESODRIN V-4 GRANULES AND KESODRIN V-4 LIQUID is neither pesticide nor fertilizer. It is a non toxic agrochemicals like Enzymes and Hormones etc. used in the field. However, the normal precautionary and safety methods should be undertaken before spraying .
  • Product Package

    Now available 100 ML / 250ML / 500ML/ 1 LTR LIQUID Packing from our Distributor

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  • Iformation Of Product Usage

    Kesodrin V-4 Granules and Liquid as per the company's recommendation in the base before sowing any crops.
  • KESODRIN V-4 Product Detail Information

    Mode of Action of Kesodrin V-4 Granules and Liquid

    Kesodrin V-4 Liquid has good Tran laminar activity in the plant system.
    Kesodrin V-4 improves the flowering points and fruit quality.
    Kesodrin V-4 increases the quality of produce like Brix content in fruits and colors in flower & fruit.
    Kesodrin V-4 gives early flowering and harvest in noticed due to flower dropping is controlled.